Some words of Stupidity

No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

-- George Bush Sr.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Patriotism and God

The oft-quoted statement that is heard when Patriotism in America and throughout other countries in history has been meant to be bolstered is "for God, Country and Family." Being an Atheist and prior member of the armed forces I have a problem with the God part, and maybe the Family part too in a way. Patriotism comes from the word Pater, or father in Latin. I do not want anyone being my father except my Dad, period. So by Patriotism I mean here the Freedoms and Liberties earned by the bloodshed and hard work of those who fought the British Crown in the Revolutionary War and advancing those freedoms.

So what am I for, and what am I against?

1. I am for the Bill of Rights without equivocation of any kind. I am for full gun rights and the Gun Owners of America, the ACLU of the past, and any other organization who honestly sticks up for the little guy without any NWO agenda.

2. I am for Separation of Church and State. I am for individuals being allowed to believe whatever they want at all, but require that arguments for State Policy MUST be made in Secular Terms, in other words, arguments for State Policy should be in terms of Science and Rational Humanism, or in terms of the harm or benefit to sensing beings and experimental evidence. Ideas can be inspired by Religion, but MUST be backed by Science or Rationality.

3. I am against the New World Order, central banks, secret oaths and mind control. I am against fluoridation of water, GMO food, central planning, Eugenics, Nazism and other ism's based on false dichotomies between freedom and security. I am against the existence of Corporations as they allow for individuals to act unethically and be shielded by a large company often with money to spare to crush individuals and communities. I am for co-ops and extreme capitalism based on pure trade and not ownership of other peoples work. I am against fractional reserve banking and believe banking should be a zero sum game and the US Government should stay within its constitutional bounds.

4. I am Pro-choice and realize fully that there are two values I hold that are at odds with each other and that this requires an arbitrary policy choice of when an abortion is no longer allowed (currently set before the second trimester). The two values are the belief that life is precious versus the value that women should have the best life they can have. I am also for condom use, sexual reproductive rights and sensible sex education.

5. I am for the advancement of science and technology in the service of mankind. I am for honesty at all times and the ability for people to demand honesty and accountability in the Government, in Science and in Religion.

6. I have taken an oath in the past to defend the Constitution and fully support the Oath Keepers Blogger website.

If you have a problem with any or all of these, please by all means leave a contact, I would love to either try and change your views or if I find your views make sense to me, change mine.

So do you have to believe in God to be an American Patriot? No, you do not. Do you have to believe in the supernatural to have a set of ethics? No again, you just have to care about the suffering of other sensing beings to have a set of Morals. It is time for all American Patriots, Atheist or otherwise to stand up against the NWO thugs whose current front-man is Pres. Obama. I am a Patriot first and an Atheist second, and I hope that other Patriots recognize that there is no problem with this. Thomas Jefferson was a Patriot, and after reading many of his quotes it should be obvious that he was most likely an Atheist. If you are a Patriot who is a Christian and like some of Jefferson's quotes such as when it comes to banks but do not like his quotes about Religion, I understand. I would only ask that you do recognize that he was a Patriot AND an Atheist.


  1. well, i found your blog because I am so sick of feeling like I am in a sea of right wing/ christian opinion. ( i googled "athiests and NWO", btw) So many times I've had to second guess my research on certain topics because of this. I also feel like people think because I pay attention to those certain topics that I am anti semitic, which I am not. I support freedom of religion, and I don't think that any group of people represents evil. There are fine lines when discussing the topics, so I almost just don't discuss anymore. So its nice to know that I'm not the only nonchristian in the realm. ( at least on the internet)

  2. I agree with you. The idea that because you are against say the Federal Reserve means that you are anti-semitic or something is insane. You are not alone my friend.

  3. Hi I am Pro-CHoice meaning that women should have the right to abortions and birth-control pills. I am also against he New WOrld Order and up until now i have felt marginalized because I was not Pro-life, I used to be an info-wars fan but now ALex is harrasing me and telling me i need to make a choice between Pro choice or New World Order. So thank you very much for your webpage and your candid remarks on atheism and other viewpoints.