Some words of Stupidity

No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

-- George Bush Sr.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Called into Alex Jones

Had an interesting experience calling into the Alex Jones show. I like Alex for his New World Order information and other information, but obviously not so much for his Christian views. One current motif of the show is to look beyond the Left/Right paradigm, which as far as survival goes I agree with, the only problem is that when side issues such as Gay Marriage, abortion and so on do come up, they come up with a Hard Right leaning. Sounds fair to me.

Of course it is his own show, so if he adds in to the mix God or whatever, that is his prerogative, but I wish there was a source of Left based Patriotism with an Atheistic leaning, and to what ever extent that is why I am here.

The experience calling on the phone was weird. I have never talked to Alex in real life so it was kind of nerve racking to call in, let alone the experience of holding onto the phone for two hours or more with my hand falling asleep. So the call made it through and I was live, geese, talk about pressure. George Humphrey was on and he had some serious Goldbug and spirituality leanings so I said "I am an Atheist and a Patriot and I do not think the rhetoric of George helps because ..." and then I was not sure if I was cut off.

The cutting off was a new experience for me. It makes sense I suppose but it is so unlike a telephone call to someone you know, and even more disconnected to meeting someone face to face. You can not read someones face and jump in or stop at appropriate points. I think next time I call in I will just have some script ready and read it and say I will take my answer off the phone. This is because the main time you get to talk is right at the beginning and that is about it. Do not think you will be allowed to debate anything, that is just not happening.

So Mr. Jones, keep up the good work, but I hope some day you will take the time to understand Atheists better. Oh, and there was some talk about how the math says it is so unlikely that there is life on Earth. That is from the ID people and nonsensical Anthropomorphic Principle. While we have not seen life anywhere else, it is likely that if one has conditions even close to Earth there will be life. So where is the specialness?


  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I agree with you 100%!!! I thought I was the only Atheist that listened to Alex, and was starting to feel very alienated by all the "Christian = true American Patriot, Atheist = evil and part of the NWO" crap. If these militant Christians don't wake up and realize that they are (ironically) buying into a false "good vs. evil" religious paradigm designed to do the same damage as the false political paradigm, then the whole freedom movement is in danger of collapsing due to good old religious bigotry, AND THAT IS NOT AMERICAN!!!! Man, excuse the Hell out of me for being a free-thinking individual, you know, an AMERICAN!!!

    Thanks for your blog, I hope more of us can band together as rational, non-religious patriots who want freedom for ALL Americans of any faith or no faith at all, not just the "Christians". As for a left leaning Atheist group against the NWO, the closest thing I've found is The Zeitgeist Movement, their movie "Zeitgeist" is what got me into all of this to begin with. I'm not sure their idea of switching to a resource based economy is entirely feasible, but they are good people doing good work fighting the NWO and they totally dismiss the religious nonsense. Of course Alex has a problem with them because they are "secular" in their approach.

    Anyway, you are not alone as I am also an Atheist Patriot in Seattle trying to find others who share my patriotism AND Atheism. That doesn't mean I wouldn't gladly work with Christians or any other faith as well, I just won't tolerate their intolerance for beliefs that differ from theirs, because that's not what America is about.

  2. Im an atheist and alex jones listener and also a Zeitgeizt supporter as well so your not alone. Email me at Please lets share our thoughts and ideas as alex jones atheist listeners and also bring awareness to the atheist communities about the issues that alex jones bring up. Its sad that too many atheist people dismiss alex because hes religious or a creationist sort of! This is nonsense as any person wheter atheist or christian can bring about good resear ch information about society and structure and mind control. I go to richard dawkins when religious research and atheism and go to alex jones for social engineering, mind control, conpiring governments against its people and nwo info. Atheist again here. Alex listener and Zeitgeist interests. Also Alex Jones will speak in Santa Cruz October 24th 2010 at Coconut Grove so come join me there if you want I will drive from LA to Sant Cruz to check out the event, EMAIL ME at all atheist for alex lets unite and share ideas! Daniel