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No, I don't know that atheists should be considered as citizens, nor should they be considered patriots. This is one nation under God.

-- George Bush Sr.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why NWO is Bad for Atheists

So I am not sure if Alex Jones is a fraud, or merely a profiteer using Fear Mongering to sell survival items, it seems to me to still be clear that if the New World Order has any of the objectives Alex Jones or a host of other commentators have said it has, then it is definitely not good news for Atheists, or anyone else for that matter. More to the point, One World Government, One World Religion and One World Corporation sound down right anathema to what the average Atheist would consider a good deal.

First though I would like to get rid of one myth, the myth is that Atheists are all communists or socialists. I could dispose of this idea by merely imploring anyone who reads this to believe me that I personally am not a communist or socialist, but if that is not enough, then the public record of Ayn Rand's economic views should suffice on the matter. The reality is of course that atheism just means no belief in any form of theism, this by itself does not preclude any other ideas such as anarchism, neo-conservatism or many other ism's. That said, there is no reason to assume that atheists do not have any other spread of political ideas as any other group, there being Republican, Democrat and Independent Atheists. The original socialists were Christian as an aside.

With that out of the way, why would Atheists be so against the New World Order? The first reason is that the New World Order most likely has the Vatican at the tip. Even if the Vatican is not at the apex of the NWO, having one world wide religion (which ever religion that might be) should be more then enough to make any atheist cringe. This religion whatever it would be would through its unity provide a dangerous environment for atheists.

It also seems that if there is a NWO, one of its prominent features in connection with the One World Religion is that the resulting religion would be some amalgam of Occult nonsense that has accumulated throughout the ages. The evidence for this conjecture can be found in the gatherings of high-placed individuals in all sectors of society. This is the exact opposite of what is desired by those who are atheist.

Next up is World Government. World government sounds like a good idea until one thinks about how dangerous such a concentration of power could be. Atheists look at science as an example of how to resolve disputes. Science is a decentralized and highly critical activity that requires honesty and perseverance of the highest caliber. Centralized Governments have a way of stifling free inquiry. The type of government an atheist would like is one that is efficient and distributed, based on an organic growth of relationships.

Finally, looking at the historical record, the path from the Vatican to Protestantism to Atheism is clearly one that moves from Superstitious Collectivism to Scientific Individual Freedom.



    -I'm frustrated because 85% of humanity are still blinded to the fact
    that their religions as well as their beliefs and concepts of gods, are all man made
    and nothing but retarted fairytales.

    -I'm frustrated because people are so lacy that they can't even go research
    and figure out the simple fact that
    "masses are being socially engineered and dumbed down by design"
    by most modern countries and that real truths of what's happening
    is kept secret to the public, and only
    a fraction of people including myself is aware of the
    social engineers and the mass medias brainwashing.

    -I'm frustrated because the human brain is like a supercomputer and the people in power
    takes advantage of this by knowing how our reptilian brains works,
    and therefore knowing how to program us.
    The people in power brainwashes or programs its society and sets the status quo
    for what is normal and abnormal, right and wrong,
    and even teaches you to think wheter you're "free" or not.
    I'm frustrated because me and just a handful of people know that we're
    all slaves,
    slaves to our currency, slaves to the bankers and the people in charge of
    printing our money, physically owned
    by our countries of birth by birthcertificates, passports,
    IDs and borders and police and armies enforcing this.
    Psychologically controlled through mass propaganda, where the brainwashed sheeple
    are taught how to "police" on eachothers morals, ideologies and psychologically behaviours.
    Psychologically controlled by being institusionalized and injected with
    psychologically warfare chemicals if not following a systems specific set
    psychologically staus quos.

    -I'm frustrated because most people don't seem to care about the bigger picture of
    things, or if people on the other side of the planet are dying
    on behalf of our own western greedy leaders and elites.

    -I'm frustrated because people are sheeple, like sheep we're slaves to our
    masters of our countries and most people follow like zombiez and
    humans are so gullable and easy to manipulate that it's frustrating being
    an aware and awaken person, especially when there are so few of us.

    -I'm frustrated because being more informed than others about something should
    make you more respected and followed, but rather makes you more ridiculed and
    made fun of, and the mainstream medias won't air you because you're information
    is "illegal" to put on mainstream air due to the fact that the elites, such as The
    Bilderbergers tells all huge mainstream medias what to air and what not to.
    So there is no free press, never was. The internet is the closest we are to this but even that takes
    monetary powers to penetrate and make an impact through.

    -The good thing is that many people are waking up,
    and those people bring hope to the faith of humanity.
    However more than just a fraction need to wake up to facts about the true state
    we're all in, because at the end of the day truth has no color or
    opinion, and truth is also a beginning to set an enslaved humanity free.
    The truth will hit us all in the form of truth whatever it shows up
    to be it will be and has no beliefs, truth is truth and not faith, belief or
    "wish to be" outcomes, so we're all in the same boat, and
    when the truths hits us you will wish you'd done your very best research to protect yourself,
    your family and the future and faith of all humanity.
    wheter we like it or not.
    Keep asking questions, stay skeptical and dig deeper into things
    to find out what really is going on.
    Be aware of how easily manipulated we all are and learn the techniques
    we are all hit by daily, by brainwashing and programing technologies
    taking advantage of our human reptilian brains.
    Don't take information for facts,
    listen to everyone, trust no one, and do your own research.

  2. You know why I'm frustrated!!!!!!. 89% of Atheists choose not to research anything they put a judgement on.Many Do research.But the majority doesn't care.
    Like the NWO.It's real.
    And me personally.
    AS A Believer in Christ.not religion(traditional nonsense) have read prophecies of a one world government,language and economy.(Daniel Chapter 7) and numerous other books).
    Another thing what is dubbed a mere man or fictional character(Jesus) prophecied thousands of years ago that his believers would be hated and persecuted for His namesake.
    Look at hated Religion Statistics.Christians are top.
    Believe what you want...
    But if He was a mere man,than I'm pretty sure He couldn't see into the future,and the odds of His statement would be against him at an extreme rate.
    If He didn't exist,than the guy who wrote that was a one shot lucky person.

    Regardless,write this off and believe what you want.
    But the 'coincidences'are pretty compelling and accurate