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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cops, Hands-off Damnit!

I do not know what it is about Cops these days, they seem to be arresting people left and right for videotaping them. I mean, what the hell is going on? Here is a message to Cops, Judges and Public Officials of every stripe who tell people to turn off their cameras or who try and assault people by using their hands or even force-ably trying to remove such a device to cover up any recording: Go Fuck Yourself. I will record everything and so will every other person on the planet. No one is fooled here, by trying to stop people from recording you, you are acting in a nonprofessional manner, your are acting like a thug.

Recording in public is a right that should never be challenged. Even if you try and create draconian laws to try and muzzle the video camera, you will not succeed, we will still tape you. It is getting to the point that people should start demanding a Law that if a Cop, Rent-a-cop or even just some average Joe on the street does try and stop you for recording them, they should go to Jail. Call it FINAC - "Film Is Not A Crime Act". Ron Paul, Kucinich, you listening here?

I could at this point bring up a whole slew of videos where cops, rent-a-cops all try and stop citizens from recording anything, but I do want to point out when there ARE circumstances that someone should be allowed not to videotape. Bathrooms are one instance that comes to mind. If you are a guest in someone's house and they ask you not to tape, either don't or get the hell out of their premises. Basically, if you are in a public place, Restaurant, Hotel Lobby, looking out on the street, leave people alone!

So here are some videos of various people attacking the freedom of the press, also known as the first amendment.

and overseas as well

or what about this little fuck-stick of a Cop?

Small-man ass-hole syndrome?

This problem does not stop there either it seems. Cops seem to also have a difficulty following Lawful orders from Medics and Firefighters. This is an interesting issue that needs to get resolved. Here is the crux of the matter, Medics, while just doing their jobs are being overridden by Law Enforcement for bad reasons making situations worse. This reminds me of the situation in Star Trek that the ships doctor can override the Captain if it is a medical matter.

That makes sense too. Who should be in charge of a medical scene, some beat cop or the Fire Department Rescue Crew? Or how about when there is a fire? The cop probably has some training in what a Paramedic and a Fireman do but it is asinine to think that a Fireman Chief will get arrested by a traffic cop, that is until you see the next video.

Here is a solution, make at least some Firefighters and/or Paramedics have a higher rank then any Cop on an Emergency Scene. Anything outside that scene, they have Jurisdiction over. On the scene itself, they can arrest the Cop if they interfere. As it is I think that maybe just having Cops realize they are not Gods all the time might help. Here is one God-man in action.

Dude, you make me sick. If you don't know the story, the Trooper was speeding and recklessly driving so he could get away with his girlfriend to a motel room or something. The mother in the ambulance needed immediate medical attention but this trooper was more concerned that his roid-rage caused him to almost get into an accident with the ambulance. You MADE me almost hit into you going 90! What is with the choking too?

Hey Cops, stop choking people! That is excessive force and is not called for. If you want to restrain someone, restrain their legs, their arms, hell, even restrain someones head by putting someone in a headlock without choking them, but STOP choking people! Do not do it. IT IS WRONG!
Unless you are trying to save your own life, DO NOT CHOKE PEOPLE. I do not think the following Cop can say he was choking his victim to save his own life. He was doing it so the guy would supposedly not swallow his stash of Marijuana. Funny thing is the guy passes out and he never did have any Marijuana.

Law Enforcement Personnel of the US and other countries, stop acting like thugs. Just stop. Act like professionals. Stop harassing people without probable cause. Stop the stupid mind tricks. Stop choking people and telling them they can not film you. Stop tasering people [oh yeah, lots of those kinds of videos too] because they do not instantly do what you tell them to do. It makes you look like a particularly dangerous bunch of babies. Do those simple things and people will start complaining less. You will feel better about yourself at night.

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